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Straw Bale Gardening @ the Hacienda

We have strawbale gardened for 2 summers introducing more varieties of heirloom tomatoes, black and fava beans, lettuce, crookneck squash and zucchini.  This method of gardening has proven to be a less labor intensive way to garden.  It is at a comfortable height for cultivating, virtually weed-free, water saving, and pests are kept to a minimum.  We have used much of the leftover vegetation for compost and teas for the trees.  I will never garden any other way.  It is a joy and a pleasure.

There has been some concern about pesticides used in the straw prior to harvesting.  I believe the process of watering and fertilizing the bales prior to planting, known as
conditioning, plus exposure to the sun eliminates any pesticide residue.  After planting, I
have noticed good fungus and little pests such as rolly pollies on the bales.  A little corn
meal around the plants takes care of the bugs.  So if there was any residue left, I imagine I
would not see any insects or fungus growing.

If you happen to see a mass of pale beige substance that resembles dog vomit, have no fear.  It is a 'good mold' that is known as dog vomit.  If you google that reference, you will find the scientific name. :-)