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Yolie's Avocados & Gifts - By Baha Rick

In the 20 years that I have been doing this, I can count on 1 hand the number of times I have had to replace Avos or other produce.  Satisfaction is guaranteed.  If it is not right, we make it right.  That's just good manners.  That's how we roll. <3

Customer Notes

10-11-17  Jon Large--Yolie grows great fruit. Some excellent avocado.

10-11-17 Kim Crandell--Yes, she does!!! Can't wait until the avos come back...

10-08-17  Michelle Funkhouser--Last weekend I met Yolie at the Valley Fort Village - Shops and Sunday Market.  She talked me into the key limes that come with her husbands key lime pie recipe. I’d never had key lime pie before but I do love lime, and I love to bake.  This pie is delicious! Just the right amount of tart! Perfect pie practice for thanksgiving   Thank you Yolie!

08-09-17 Jan Calendaria--"So wonderful! I needed to have a gift basket with avocado fudge shipped to Florida and Alabama respectively. Not only did Yolie go out of her way to find cooling bags, but also mailed while on her VACATION!!! Customer Service just doesn't get any better!" 

04-15-17 Allan Mangold-- Yolie, absolute homerun! Linda loves it. Thank you again. Have a great Easter weekend.

12-09-16 Ric Wade--  Picked up the Avocado coasters today from Yoli, they look awesome!

01-24-16 Anne Atkins--  I sent Yoli's avos to friends and family for Christmas gifts. Now I... am getting "hints" from friends and family for another box of Yoli's Avos. One (who is a former grower herself) said they were just perfect in appearance and taste - not a bad one in the box! I think I have created new Yoli fans.

01-02-16 Kathy Perkins--I ordered a box of avocados for my brother and sister in law in Colorado and they were so excited because it was a surprise for them. My SIL called and raved about the size and quality of the avos and could hardly wait for them to ripen. I will definitelyorder again. Price and shipping at a very reasonable price.

12-21-15 Michelle F.--The avocados are here! Thank you so much! Merry Christmas!

12-19-15 Mara--  Hi Yolie!  We are loving the avocados we got from you so much...best ever!
I'm not sure if contacting you via an email to order more is ok, or if you prefer I order online for pickup at your grove.  Would you let me know what is best? We will need another 24.
Thanks so much,

A. Atkins-- Today I received 3 more calls of thanks for the avos sent. My best friend in Indiana kept saying they were the prettiest avos she had seen and they were better than pieces of gold!! My sister-in-law was surprised with a box and she and her husband are looking forward to taking them to San Fran for Christmas with family. (Her husband said there were lots of recipes but none for avo cocktails.....dry martini w/ an avo wedge on the rim?) Thanks for making my Christmas shopping so easy and all my recipients so happy. <3

A great pleasure, A. Atkins! You gave my Fuerte season a roaring start. So thrilled to hear their responses! I just love that! Thanks so much for posting.

Melissa S.--   I loved the beautiful items I purchased. Thank you The pictures do not even do justice to the beauty of the woodwork. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and fantastic New Year. I'm looking forward to purchasing more items from you in the New Year. Thank you.

12-16-15 Jon Large, El Jardin Restaurant, Fallbrook, CA--

"NOT ALL AVO IS CREATED EQUAL We know you love locally grown, Fallbrook Avocado. And we know you love Yolie YoliesAvosandGifts. So with that in mind.... El Jardin Fallbrook proudly introduces…'YOLIE GUACAMOLE’ Featuring boutique Fuerte Avocado straight from Yolie herself.  All day today and tomorrow you can enjoy this fantastic guacamole (I made and tried it myself this morning, and it’s ridiculously good), so come in and enjoy, or take a pint or two home.  Your family will love you for it."

12-15-15 Karen G.--    I did all of my out of town Christmas shopping with Yolie. I didn't even have to wrap the presents. I think a new holiday tradition has begun. Easiest way to send some yummy goodness to friends and loved ones is through Yolies Avos and Gifts.

So sweet! A pleasure and honored that you came out to the Fallbrook Historical Society Old Fashion Christmas Fest to see my basket and wares. Thank you so much for your orders, and Merry Christmas!

12-12-15 Amber Roberts--  Had the pleasure of meeting this lovely lady Yolie YoliesAvosandgifts and her husband tonight and got some freshly picked avocados nom nom nom!! Check out her page she makes beautiful baskets!  

12-10-15 Kathleen Lawson--What a nice couple!! She even helped me back up my rig so I wouldn't do any damage!! Awesome gifts!! Check out the knife blocks handmade by her husband!!                                                 

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