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Yolie's Avocados & Gifts - By Baha Rick

Our Pomegranate season in August was again short and sweet and sold out locally.  It was a smaller harvest than expected.  I believe that humidity is not our friend when it comes to the Poms.  Although the blooms were abundant this year, it seems that much of the fruit grew to the size of a large marble, the crown opened, then fell off.  I believe next year's crop would benefit from some Neem Oil in addition to an organic anti-fungicide to prevent some of the problems.

Three points to note:
1.  Pomegranates trees are drought tolerant and do not require watering but every couple of weeks.  However, when producing fruit it requires 5 gallons of deep watering per week.
2.  The trees and fruit do not like humidity.

3.  Angel Reds are earlier than the Wonderful variety but have a shorter season. 

4.  Our Maradol Fallbrook grown Papayas are available year round.  The summer fruit is the most popular as it ripens to a deep golden color, soft and sweet.  Most of our fruit is seedless which makes it easier when cleaning.  In late Fall and Springtime, the fruit can be harvested green for use in Thai Salad.  The Papayas are available locally - $2 per lb., or can be included in our gift paks with Avocados and Tangerines at your request.  Go to the Avocado page for ordering information, then email me with your preferences.  

5.  Our lightly seeded Dancy Tangerines are available locally starting in January until sold out - 12 for $4.00.  Look on the Avocado page for Tangerine combo paks or email me.

6.  Mexican Key Limes, also known as bartender limes, are available locally year round - 12 for $3.00, and can also be shipped at a wholesale rate and larger quantities.