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The History of Avocados
The California Avocado is a native American plant with a long history. Today, the most popular variety is the Hass. The mother tree of all Hass Avocados was born in a backyard in La Habra Heights, California.  Here's the history:  
  • The Avocado (Persea Americana) originated in south-central Mexico, sometime between 7,000 and 5,000 B.C. But it was several millennia before this wild variety was cultivated, as early as 500 B.C.

  • Archaeologists in Peru have found domesticated Avocado seeds buried with Incan mummies dating back to 750 B.C.

  • From Aguacate to Avocado, Spanish Conquistadores loved the fruit but couldn't pronounce it, so they changed the Aztec word to a more manageable Aguacate, which eventually became Avocado in English.

  • The first English-language mention of Avocado was by Sir Henry Sloane in 1696. California's Cash Crop fast forward to 1871, when Judge R.B. Ord of Santa Barbara successfully introduced Avocados to the U.S. with trees from Mexico.

  • By the early 1900s, growers were seeing the Avocado's commercial potential.  Since then, growers, enthusiasts and researchers have been hunting for improved varieties. A search reveals that many new selections of Avocado were made in the industry's infancy and over subsequent years, but few had commercial significance.

  • By the 1950's, around 25 different varieties of avocados were being commercially packed and shipped in California, with 'Fuerte' accounting for more than two-thirds of the production. Even though 'Hass' was discovered in the early 1930s and patented by Rudolph Hass in 1935, it was not until large-scale industry expansion occurred in the late 1970s that 'Hass' replaced 'Fuerte' as the leading California variety.

  • Today, California is the leading producer of domestic Avocados and home to about 90 percent of the nation's crop. Most California Avocados are harvested on approximately 52,000 acres from San Luis Obispo through San Diego by nearly 5,000 growersSan Diego County, which produces 60 percent of all California Avocados, is the acknowledged Avocado capital of the nation.

  • Since California has so many varieties, Avocados are grown year-round. A single California Avocado tree can produce up to 200 pounds of fresh fruit each year, approximately 500 pieces, although most average around 60 pounds or 150 pieces of fruit.

  • Thank you, California Avocado Commission (CAC), for the above information. 
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