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Yolie's Avocados & Gifts - By Baha Rick
 The Grove and Orchard

This season our main producers will be Fuerte and Hass.  We have 5 varieties planted in our grove:  Fuerte, Hass, Holiday, Queen and Mexicola.    Our season varies each year and is dependent on many factors including weather patterns, winds, fire danger and drought potential.
For other Avocado varieties, see http://www.CaliforniaAvocado.com/.


Thank you, California Avocado Commission, for information obtained from the above link.

Fuerte  This one is our favorite.  We have harvested as early as November and as late as April.  The Fuerte, which means strong in Spanish, is used as root stock and a pollinator in many groves.  It is an original, high quality California Avocado.

Pear-shaped, medium seed, peels easily, Great taste.
Medium to large fruit, ranging from 4 to 16 ounces. 
Smooth, thin green skin.  Creamy, pale green flesh.
Skin remains green and yields to gentle pressure when ripe.
Will ripen naturally between 7 - 14 days.

Hass  This variety is seen year round in grocery stores.  Our grove is harvested in December and as late as May.  Its distinctive bumpy green skin turns purplish-black when ripe.  It is preferred for its excellent shelf life.

Oval-shaped fruit, small to medium seed, easy peeling, great taste.
Average to large fruit, ranging from 3 to 12 ounces.
Pebbly, thick but pliable skin.
Green flesh, a firmer texture, nutty flavor.
Skin darkens as it ripens.  Fruit yields to gentle pressure when ripe.
Will ripen naturally between 14-21 days.

Holiday  We brought this tree from the Central Coast about 7 years ago.  It started producing a few Avos 3 years ago.  I now understand it is an early Spring fruit and is similar to Fuerte, although the skin stays shiny and green. 

Queen  We planted the Queen right before the 2013 hot fire winds burned off many of the grove's leaves.  This tree held on and is in its 2nd season of producing.  It is said it can produce football size fruit with enough water.  The skin is quite tough, bumpy and turns black when ripe like a humongous Hass.  It is also a early Spring fruit.
Mexicola  The Mexicola came back because it is the former root stock of a Hass that we thought we had lost.  It did produce quite a few a little larger than golfball size fruit in 2016.   This year is its alterate year.  It has a large pit, turns black & shiny.  The meat is sweet, texture like a Hass.  Also a Fall fruit.