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Yolie's Avocados & Gifts - By Baha Rick
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August Produce Update
Gift Baskets

 Feel free to browse our website for
 our specialties including Rick's
 handcrafted spreader blocks.
No two are alike.

Pomegranates have sold out locally. Our next season will be in Dec. 
Fuerte & Hass Avocados are sizing up quite well this season.  Heavy pruning in 2013 has rejuvenated many of the trees.  We look forward to nice sized Fuertes beginning mid Nov. 2015.  Hass are
expected to be ready mid Dec. 2015.
As we get closer to these months,
we will be able to give dates
based on maturity release dates.

We'll have 2 crops this year.  The 1st will be Jan. 2016.  The 2nd in the Spring.  Better dates as we get closer.

Loyalty cards will be available for online and local customers.  Previous customers will start with a complimentary stamp!
Thank you all!
In addition to our introduction of
Avo wood products also made by
my hubby, we believe the Avo trees & fruit inspire creativity on our Hacienda. 

This piece was part of a custom gift basket made for a friend as a thank you gift for his clients.  It was a pleasure to tailor it specifically to the taste of his clients.  What a joy to create!


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 Any questions or interest, please contact me at Yolieherman@hotmail.com.

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 Themed Gift Baskets
San Diego County
Certified Producer of:
Fuerte & Hass Avocados