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Yolie's Avocados & Gifts - By Baha Rick
FUERTE AVOS TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT.  We will be taking a couple weeks off to let the Fuertes size up and Hass release on Jan. 16, 2018.
Next shipment JAN. 22, 2018.

We are San Diego County Certified Producers, naturally homegrown & handpicked in Fallbrook, CA ---
the Avo Capital of the World!

 An Avo & more gift pak is a great way to celebrate that special season!  Choose from Avo/Guacamole Bowl Gift Paks, Avo Gift Trays, Avos w/handcrafted & Avo inspired gifts and Avo Paks.
Each Avo shipment contains a key lime when available.  (Citrus cannot be shipped to FL or TX due to import restrictions).

We grow all our fruit & vegetables naturally.  If there is a slight imperfection on an Avo, it proves that no pesticides have been used.  We call them Guacamole Avos & are sold at a discounted rate.  We call Avos that are perfect Awesome Avos & are included in gift trays & paks.  We attribute our Avo's flavor to our wonderful soil, mineral water & vintage grove.  We also sing praises while in the grove to promote happy fruit, but this has yet to be scientifically proven.  When placed in the refrigerator immediately after ripening, your naturally ripened Avos will last at least a week longer.

Priority shipping is included in our prices!  Shipping stickers insure that Paks are OPENED IMMEDIATELY and are marked PERISHABLE.  We do not want any disappointments.  A gift card with your personal message (unless you are shipping to yourself :-)), ripening instructions and a variety of California Avocado Commission (CAC) recipes are always included in all sales! 

EACH ORDER IS INDIVIDUAL.  BE SURE TO TYPE IN RECIPIENT'S ADDRESS, NOT YOUR ADDRESS.  You can place several orders at once by emailing me or calling me.  Please leave a message that this is what you want to do.  Thank you for your interest!

Guacamole bowls come with 7 Fuertes, a key lime and a veggie spreader. Bowls are shown in 3 Tiers.  Choose your bowl from product option drop down menu.  Limited quantities, some one of a kind.  Avo spreader out of stock.  Chili, artichoke and asparagus spreader will be substituted.  Please email if you have a preference.

(Tier 1) Turq. & glass fruit bowl are sold out.                          (Tier 2) Green & turq. bowls are sold out.

Local: Fuerte Guac. Avos
(8) Guacamole Avos
Price: $10.00
Local: Awesome Fuerte Avos
Price: $10.00
(8) Awesome Fuertes
Avos, Key Lime in a med. gold tray, veggie spreader.
Inventory = 5
Price: $42.00
Tier 1 (7) Awesome Fuerte Avos & Bowl
(7) Avos, key lime & veggie spreader. Choose from pull down options below. Inventory= 14
Price: $35.00
Tier One Guacamole Bowl Options:
Tier 2 (7) Awesome Fuerte Avos & Bowl
(7) Avos, key lime & veggie spreader. Choose from pull down options below. Inventory= 9
Price: $36.00
Tier Two Guacamole Bowl Options:
Tier 3 (7)'Awesome' Fuerte Avos & Bowl
Choose from pull down options below. Included is veggie spreader, gift card w/ your personal message, ripening instructions & recipes. Inventory= 12
Price: $38.00
Tier Three Guacamole Bowl Options:
(12) Awesome Fuerte Avos/Tote
4.75+oz. Fuertes & key limes w/ Tote, 18.5w x 4.75w x 15h, 100% canvas cotton.
Price: $45.00
(12) Awesome Fuerte Avos
Avos, Key Limes & veggie spreader in large red tray.
Inventory = 5
Price: $53.95
(36) Fuerte Guac. Avo Pak
4.75+oz. Guacamole Fuertes, key limes.
Price: $64.00
(36) Awesome Fuerte Avo Pak
4.75+oz. Fuertes, key limes.
Price: $69.00
Click on photos for larger
view.  Paks, baskets and
trays are always available
locallyEmail me at
for additional questions.

Please place separate orders
for each shipping address.
After purchasing, you will
come to 'Review your Info'.
There you can 'Change
Shipping Address'. In
'Gift Options': add a special
message to recipient, or in
'Note to Seller:'  Also, write
any special requests such as
approximately when you would
like your shipment delivered.

Holiday priority shipping
may take longer than the
stated 3 day delivery due to
weather.  So plan ahead!
Recipes and ripening
instructions are included
with every order.

Fuerte  Avocados
Fruit grown naturally may
have an occasional mark
on the  fruit that shows
pesticides have not been
used. We ship the very best
Avocados from our property.
Rick and I take pride in
providing fruit that is naturally
grown and harvested.

Hass Avocados
(IN SEASON Mid-Jan.)
We do not pre-condition or
artificially hasten the ripening
process. Our fruit ripens
naturally, producing a more
flavorful fruit, one that lasts
longer after ripening when
refrigerated!  Handpicked
green to ship!

Thank you for your
loyalty to California
Homegrown Avocados
and small growers like
Yolie's Avos.

See Handcrafted page for
unique options to your basket.

Thank you,
SDC Farm Bureau!

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