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Fuerte Avo 12 Pak
$24 Shipped
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   November 15, 2014  
5/14  All Avo Trees & Poms pruned. Mulching in progress.
Planted 2 Lamb Hass, a Queen Avo, Citrus, Lime & Apple.
6/14 Repruned Poms, pruning newly planted trees.
7/14 Poms are ripening up nicely. Thinking about planting pumpkins...


Christmas (9) Fuerte Avocado (3#)
Gift Basket   $34 Shipped
(4) Pomegranates/
(4)Lamb Hass Combo
Shipped   $18.00
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Beyond The Grove Boutique
Cheese Spreaders in Handcrafted Wood Block

Tangerines (12) Pak Shipped w/ (6) Avos $xx
Avocado Coaster
4"x 4" Tumbled Italian Marble
Cork backed Coaster
Unique to Yolie's 
Beyond the Grove Boutique

Set of 4, $40 

Sports Spreaders Block

Both designs available in
other sizes.
4"x4" Tumbled Vintage Italian Marble
Cork Backed Coaster
Unique to Yolie's
Beyond the Grove Boutique

Set of 4, $40

Vintage Avocado Coaster